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Heal Through Harmony w Sound Healing


Meet your Sound Healer

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The Power of Sound & Music

In the heart of the dance floor, I discovered a profound truth: music is more than just beats and melodies; it's a universal language that resonates with our souls. With more than a decade of DJ experience, I've not only curated unforgettable nights but also witnessed the incredible impact of sound on the human spirit.

Beyond the dance floor, I am now committed to creating sonic landscapes that guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. From the pulse of the bass to the ethereal tones of Tibetan bowls, every note is carefully chosen to harmonize with the rhythms of your inner world.

Heal Through Harmony

Sound healing for your mind.

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Bass Drops to Heartbeats

Welcome, where the rhythm of life meets the melody of healing. I'm Michelle, a seasoned DJ with over 12 years of spinning beats and now a devoted sound healer in Vancouver on a mission to help you mend your deepest wounds through the transformative power of music and sound.

Upcoming Events w/ Your Music Healer

Experience the therapeutic power of sound - live.

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Helping you heal through harmony


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