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Meet your music sound healer:



am Soulfunkee – the creative force using modern music and frequencies to create a transformative journey through sound. Rooted in a profound love for music that transcends the ordinary, Soulfunkee isn’t just a name; it encapsulates a philosophy, a groove, and a testament to the profound healing power of sound.

I see music as this beautiful extension of the soul. When I’m crafting each beat, I’m not just making sounds – I’m pouring in my spirit, and it’s something that goes beyond what you hear. It’s more about feeling the music, connecting with it in a way that’s deeper than just listening. It’s like letting the soul speak through the melody.

For me, the purpose of music surpasses audibility; it is an experience meant to be felt at the core of one’s being. I’m a sound healer on a mission to harness the transformative power of sound.

In a world where it often feels like everyone’s following the same beat, I’m Soulfunkee, stepping up as your guide. I’m all about sparking a rhythmic rebellion that encourages each person to find their own groove to heal their soul.

Whether you’re seeking a perfect curated DJ services or a transformative sound healing session, I’ve got the music to match your needs. Let’s explore the many facets of sound together, catering to different vibes and fulfilling diverse purposes.

Heal Through Harmony

Sound healing for your mind.

Helping you heal through harmony


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